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…patiently listened to my frustrating story and began asking in-depth questions… her advice and feel so confident...                        

…took the time to profile my child’s learning needs…

"My daughter was apprehensive at first about trying another tutor. And then the magic happened. After all the tutors who had not been successful with her before, this tutor was able to make a connection with my child, to help her understand math, and especially to build her confidence. She turned my daughter's life around."  [parent of a 9th grader]

“Wow, thank you so much for pulling all of this together for my son! Normally, I'd schedule a phone call to talk with a potential tutor before deciding about fit, but I trust your advice and so I feel confident that the tutor you chose will be a good match for my son.”  [parent of a 10th grader]

“We have seen continuous growth in my young son every time he completes a session with his tutor. Chris was very thorough in learning about all of my child’s strengths and challenges during our call together. I am beyond impressed with her ability to gracefully uncover all of his areas of need.”  [parent of a 2nd grader]

Finding a tutor for my son was an overwhelming task as every recommendation was either fully booked or not the right fit. While searching for more options, I came across Chris Bonfilio's amazing service. Within days, she connected me with an extremely qualified and available tutor. Chris really understood our needs -- I only wish I had found her sooner!

[parent of a 4th grader]

“My daughter had always had very low confidence around math, and she sabotaged any tutor that I hired to help her. Once Chris began asking questions, I understood how experienced she was in helping children like my daughter. Needless to say, we were very impressed with Chris’ professionalism and her ability to work with children and parents. The tutor Chris provided for my daughter has helped her improve both her grades and her self-esteem.  We are very thankful to Chris!”  [parent of a 9th grader]

“Chris provided outstanding support for our last minute need to find a tutor as our 10th grade son started the school year. She immediately set to work to identify the type of tutoring our son required and identified two excellent candidates for his history class, one which we have since engaged. Chris took the time to thoroughly profile our son’s learning style and his personality as well as the constraints of his schedule, and matched him perfectly with the candidates.  We regard Chris as an excellent resource to support our son’s educational needs and are grateful for her skill, exceptional responsiveness, and compassion.”  [parent of a 10th grader]

From a tutor:

The value of Chris' expertise and her combined skills in education and communication have resulted in an excellent "matchmaker," building long-term successful relationships for families and students in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

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