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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tutors help students in all subjects?

  • Yes, tutors support students from K – 12 (and beyond) in math, reading, writing, and all sciences.  Some tutors also provide help for AP courses, executive functioning skills, and standardized test prep (such as ISEE, SAT or ACT, and GRE). Many tutors specialize in the lower grades, while others have expertise with subjects in middle school, high school, and beyond. Additionally, most tutors have experience supporting students with learning differences.


Where will tutoring take place – online or in-person?

  • While a number of tutors provide support via video and/or shared Google docs and phone, many tutors are resuming in-person support (in the SF Bay Area, between San Jose and San Francisco), with appropriate Covid precautions in place, as needed.


Are tutors employed by you?

  • No, all tutors are independent contractors and the family and student will have a private student-tutor relationship through which they agree upon ongoing scheduling and rates.  I receive no compensation from the tutor-student matches I facilitate. 


What type of background checks have tutors had?

  • All tutors have passed a background-check clearance. Some have completed Livescan fingerprint screening as well.


What tutor info can you share with me and where are your tutors located?

  • I can provide a summary tutor profile, which explains the tutor's education and experience. Tutors are college graduates, many possess advanced degrees and/or teaching credentials, and they have all had several years of tutoring experience.  They are located in California, in the SF Bay Area, mainly in Silicon Valley.


Can we “meet” the tutor ahead of time, before making a decision?

  • Yes, a brief complimentary video meeting will be scheduled ahead of time, to be introduced to one another.


What if you can’t find a match for my child?

  • In the rare case a tutor match cannot be made, your child’s name will be added to a waitlist that is reviewed often for an appropriate match. You will not be charged the final portion until I have a tutor match for your student.  If a parent returns later for another consultation, the parent will be charged a reduced fee for an additional tutor.


What is your service fee and how do parents pay you?

  • I provide a brief complimentary phone discussion of how I might be able to help. If you decide my services can meet your needs, I charge a total fee of $325, payable in two installments. I use PayPal as a means of payment.       


What are the tutors’ rates and how are tutors paid?

  • Tutors set their own rates, typically between $80 - $95 per hour, depending on the expertise required for subject-specific tutoring.  Specialist tutors may charge higher rates, which reflects their additional training and certification.  Many tutors accept either PayPal or another means of bank-transferred funds, or payment by personal check.

How do you charge for your school selection service?

  • For this service, the fee is based on hourly work. Please contact me for more information.

Do you guarantee a school selection will be the best one for my child?

  • No, I cannot and do not make that assessment as each family's needs vary. I will provide you with consolidated data from a variety of reliable sources, discussions with school personnel, and specifics about the schools (eg, tuition costs, travel distance, student-teacher ratio, demographics, school rankings) for you to make your own decision.  After phone discussions with me, you will come away with a spreadsheet of all potentially appropriate schools for your student.

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